Bangladeshi wholesale distributor RANIMART is launching in December

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Ranimart the first Canada-wide wholesale distribution of Bengali products will be launching in December 2020 led by the ownership group of Victoria Supermarket, the largest North American Bengali Supermarket.


The vision for Ranimart is to have nearly every single Bengali brand whether new or old be represented in supermarkets Canada-wide. 


The management team believes in the strength of Bengali-owned manufacturing industries whether food-grade or non-food items such as kitchenware, houseware, and ready-made garments. 


They believe in the untapped potential in Bengalis to do business in Canada. It is therefore their vision to see Bengali items as well represented nationwide as other Desi products. 


Ranimart is inviting manufacturers and businesses to contact them so they can do their market research and find market gaps to provide companies the suitability to sell successfully in Canada.


Ranimart ownership group is looking to list more food-grade products, houseware, kitchenware, clothes, and leather goods. 


Ranimart looks forward to working with all Bengali brands new and old from Bangladesh to West Bengal to Canada.