A Decade of Recitation Elegance: Bachonik Celebrates 10 Years of Artistic Brilliance

By: Jamil Bin Khalil ২০২৩-১১-১৬ ১১:১২:০৬ এএম আপডেট: ২০২৪-০৭-২০ ৫:৩২:০৩ এএম English
This picture is collected from Mary Rashedin's social media profile.

In a radiant celebration on the evening of November 11, Bachonik, the esteemed poetry recitation organization in Toronto founded by Mary Rashedin in November 2013, marked its remarkable 10th-anniversary event with a blend of heartfelt tributes, awards, and captivating recitations. The evening was not only a milestone for the organization but also an occasion to pay an earnest tribute to the late poet Asad Chowdhury.

The event, held at St John Henry Newman Catholic School, commenced with a solemn dedication to Asad Chowdhury, who passed away on October 5, leaving behind a legacy of humanity and boundless love for all.  The audience stood in silent reverence for one minute, paying homage to him. Candles and flowers were tenderly placed by his picture on stage by Bachonik members Hosne Ara Jamee and Shoma Said. His family members, wife Shahana Chowdhury, son Asif and Jarif and daughter Nusrat Jahan Shawnli participated in the segment, expressing their emotive gratitude for the touching tribute. In the segment, hosted by Bachonik Advisor Hasan Mahmud, Bachonik reciters, eloquently recited Asad Chowdhury's poems in a touching tribute. Renowned singer Farhana Shanta added a melodic note, harmonizing with the touching atmosphere.

Adding a personal touch to the tribute, Asad Chowdhury's daughter Shawnli stepped forward and recited a poignant poem dedicated to her father and following her heartfelt recitation, Asad Chowdhury's son, Asif, took the stage to sing a moving song, a personal homage to the cherished memories of his father. The heartfelt contributions from Asad Chowdhury's family added an intimate and emotional dimension to the evening.

A visual journey through the past decade unfolded with a captivating slide show, narrated by Flora Nasrin Eva and Nazma Kazi and expertly prepared by one of Bachonik's Executive Committee members, Jamil Bin Khalil. His meticulous work offered the audience a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Bachonik's activities.

The sponsors, integral to the event's success, were invited on stage to receive heartfelt congratulations and a souvenir as tokens of appreciation for their invaluable support. Their vital role was acknowledged as essential pillars in the realization of Bachonik's artistic endeavors, reciprocated by their expressions of gratitude for making them part of the celebration.

Bachonik, known for recognizing literary excellence, bestowed the annual honor upon luminary Lutfor Rahman Riton for his remarkable contributions to Bengali rhymes and literature. The stage adorned distinguished personalities, including Poet Dilara Hafiz, Provincial Parliament Member Doly Begum MPP, and Bachonik advisors Hasan Mahmud, Rummana Chowdhury, Rasheeda Muneer, Delwar Elahi, along with Executive Committee members Kazi Helal and Jamil Bin Khalil. Mary Rashedin presented the note of recognition, Rumanna Chowdhury bestowed the Bachonik sash, Rasheeda Muneer handed over flowers, and Doly Begum MPP and Dilara Hafiz awarded the crest of honors. The event witnessed heartfelt speeches from Doly Begum, Dilara Hafiz, and the honored poet Lutfor Rahman Riton. Lutfor Rahman Riton graciously expressed his gratitude, emphasizing the importance of fostering a love for humanity and literature and poetry. Bachonik reciters paid homage by reciting two of Riton's renowned rhymes.

The evening continued with special recognition for the stalwart members of Bachonik who have been an integral part of the organization from the very beginning, namely Rasheeda Muneer, Kazi Helal, Hosne Ara Jamee, Sumi Rahman, Farhana Ahmed, Mak Azad, Aruna Haider and Reza Oniruddha. Their unwavering commitment and active roles were acknowledged with Congratulation Souvenir, symbolizing their vital role in shaping Bachonik's journey.

The poetry recitation segment featured 19 eloquent reciters, captivating the audience with a diverse array of recitations. The verses echoed through the hall, showcasing the rich tapestry of linguistic expression that Bachonik has cultivated over the years. The esteemed reciters that made this segment vibrant and enjoyable include Rasheeda Muneer, Kazi Helal, Mary Rashedin, Farhana Ahmad, Sumi Rahman, Aruna Haider, Era Nasrin, Tonmoy Rahman, Kamran Karim, Flora Nasrin Eva, Nazma Kazi, Doty Sharmin, Lina Agnes D’costa, Fatima Khatun Ether, Hasina Hanif Hasi, Shikha Akhtari Ahmad, Kamrun Nahar Hira, Shapla Shalook and Sampurna Saha.

Adding an exquisite layer to the evening, Sukonya Nrityangan artists James Prisha and Aruna Haider graced the stage with mesmerizing dance performances, beautifully synchronized with two poignant poem recitations. Their performances were met with warm applause, and the audience embraced the seamless blend of poetry and dance.

Mary Rashedin, the visionary founder of Bachonik, delivered a heartfelt note of thanks, expressing gratitude to everyone connected to the organization and the event, volunteers, musicians, sound personnel, sponsors, and the attentive audience.

The event reached its grand culmination under the flawless hosting of two distinguished Bachonik members, Flora Nasrin Eva and Nazma Kazi. Their adept and seamless orchestration of the evening's proceedings added an extra layer of sophistication to the celebration. With grace, eloquence, and a deep understanding of the event's significance, Flora Nasrin Eva and Nazma Kazi guided the audience through each segment, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience for all attendees.

Adding to the comprehensive success of the event, it is noteworthy that the script, a critical component shaping the evening's narrative, was thoughtfully written by Delwar Elahi. His literary contribution played a pivotal role in capturing the essence of the celebration, further enriching the experience for all in attendance.

As the final words were spoken, and the last notes of the evening's performance faded away, the audience was left with a profound sense of admiration for a decade of recitation excellence and the inclusive community spirit fostered by Mary Rashedin and her dedicated team.